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We collect your prescription from the GP before your medications are due and promptly dispense your medication followed with a text message reminder. Our dedicated pharmacists will offer advice on how to get the most benefit from your medicines by providing a one to one consultation. All discussions with our pharmacists are strictly confidential. You can see or talk to the pharmacists with or without appointment.


We will match competitive prices of the local chemists or druggists to dispense your private prescriptions. No order of medicines will be too small or too big and we will do our best to help.
Please contact Ariana Pharmacy for a quotation: 0208 575 6600


If you use the same medicines regularly, you may be able to get your repeat prescriptions direct from our pharmacists. Contact us to register with Ariana Pharmacy and we will arrange everything with your GP.


Ask our pharmacist for a free personalised review and advice about any medicines you are using. This review will be conducted in private consultation room and will be completely confidential.

This attention from the pharmacist is invaluable in identifying the effects of drug interactions and any adverse reactions during and after the use of the drugs even when you have not been to see your doctor.
Please ask the pharmacists for your personalised review and advice on any medicines you have used or are currently using.


When you are prescribed a medicine to treat a long-term condition for the first time, the pharmacist will support you to use the medicine safely and to best effect.
The pharmacist will talk to you approximately two weeks after you first receive the medicine to see how you are getting on with it and to discuss any problems you may have. A second follow-up will be a month after you first receive the medicine.
The service is only available to people using certain medicines; our pharmacist will give you details and offer this free NHS service, if this is available to you.


At Ariana Pharmacy we can quickly test your blood pressure and blood glucose to advice you or refer you to your GP if necessary. We can advise you on simple changes to your life-style that will help you care for yourself and reduce many associated health-risks.


Our trained pharmacists, under patient group directions are accredited to assess and supply treatment for certain conditions without a prescription.

You can purchase Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis or Levitra at competitive prices using this service.
Only suitably accredited pharmacists are able to provide this service so we would advise that you call to ensure they are present at the pharmacy when you arrive. Only patients in person can complete assessment forms and be provided with medication.


There is no need for an appointment, though you can make one with us if you wish. All vaccinations are given in our private consultation room by our trained pharmacist, who will be able to advise on the possible side-effects of a seasonal flu vaccine, why it is important to protect against flu and how you protect yourself in other ways.Our pharmacist is fully trained and we are specialists in the provision of the seasonal flu vaccine.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more or would like to book an appointment. You can simply walk into the pharmacy and ask to have a flu vaccine, there may be a few minutes wait at busy times.


As part of helping you to look after yourself, we offer a one-to-one smoking cessation programme designed to help you STOP smoking. We only ask you to commit to attending weekly at Ariana Pharmacy over a SIX week period. Just ask the pharmacists who will be happy to help you and assist with any further queries. For More Detail Visit


Commonly known as the 'morning after pill'; we can provide EHC at Ariana Pharmacy during our long opening hours from early morning to late night; no appointment is necessary. We are here to help with increased access to qualified pharmacists services.


Going abroad? Before you go, be sure to visit Ariana Pharmacy to get the latest travel advice for your destination. We can advise on malaria tablets, recommend vaccines and make you aware of any relevant general health issues. Our information is updated regularly, ensuring you of the best advice at all times.
We also sell flight socks which help to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis when flying long-haul. We can also obtain water purification tablets, mosquito nets, first aid packs, suture packs and condoms.


Please return all unwanted medicines to the Ariana Pharmacy where we will dispose of them safely. Please note we do not accept sharps boxes or needles. Contact you GP or Ealing Council for arrangements.

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